09/13/22 | Buyers
Three Things Buyers Can Do in Today’s Housing Market
Three things you may want to consider to help make your homeownership goals a reality.
09/12/22 | Buyers
Expert Forecasts on Mortgage Rates
Experts Project Mortgage Rates Will Stabilize
09/5/22 | Buyers
New Homes May Have the Incentives You’re Looking for Today
The Supply of Newly Built Homes is Rising in Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia Area
08/31/22 | Buyers
Buyers: You May Face Less Competition as Bidding Wars Ease
Here’s the news you’ve been waiting for: data shows clear signs bidding wars are easing this year.
01/26/22 | Buyers
Why Pre-Approval Is Key for Homebuyers in 2022
With rising home prices and high buyer competition, it’s crucial to have a pre-approval letter prior to making an offer
12/6/21 | Buyers
How To Think Strategically as a Buyer in Today’s Market
The game of chess can provide incredible lessons to apply to all aspects of life, including the homebuying process.
10/22/21 | Buyers
Important Distinction: Homes Are Less Affordable, Not Unaffordable
It’s true that it’s less affordable to buy a home today than it has been the last few years. However, it’s more affordable to buy today than the average over the last 25 years.
08/11/21 | Buyers
Looking for a Place To Call Home? Consider a Condominium.
If you’re a first-time buyer looking for a starter home or are someone who’s interested in downsizing, it may be worth considering a condominium (condo) as a worthwhile option.
03/30/21 | Buyers
How a Change in Mortgage Rate Impacts Your Homebuying Budget
Mortgage rates are on the rise this year, but they’re still incredibly low compared to the historic average.