Why Professionally Photographed Homes Sell Faster

Why Professionally Photographed Homes Sell Faster

  • Anthony D'Alicandro
  • 06/11/23

It’s no secret that sellers who hire a professional photographer to take compelling pictures of their homes tend to receive better offers and go under contract more quickly. Perhaps you’re getting ready to list your beloved home on the Fishtown real estate market, but you’re on the fence about whether professional photography is worth the time and investment. Hesitate no more! Below, you’ll learn about some of the top advantages of investing in professional pictures and how to use them as part of your online marketing strategy.

Professionally photographed homes are more engaging

The purpose of effective online marketing tactics is to generate enough interest in your home listing that buyers are enticed to come and see the property in person. To accomplish this, you must determine how to help your home put its best foot forward online in a way that captures attention and causes potential buyers to develop an emotional attachment to your home.

There are so many home listings on most online platforms that it’s easy for buyers to keep scrolling past a home if it doesn’t immediately grab their attention. Investing in professional photography is one of the most effective ways to ensure you’re able to make a strong first impression that compels buyers to click for more information or to set up a tour. 

Professionally photographed homes are often featured on online listing platforms

Most buyers begin their search for a new home by perusing available properties on an online listing platform. These platforms understand that the homes they show aren’t only a reflection of what’s currently available on the local market — their listings also reflect the quality of their platform.

Because they want people to think highly of their platform, these listing websites will select only the best listings to display first and at the top of the list. These are often the listings that include high-quality professional photographs. These homes reflect better on the platform than listings with only a few blurry or hard-to-see images. Thus, choosing to invest in professional photography could easily enhance your home’s visibility on these listing sites.

Professionally photographed homes make rooms appear larger and brighter

Professional photographers are expertly trained in how to take photos from the best possible angles to make rooms appear more open and spacious. They will have top-notch cameras that produce high-quality images, and they will understand how to best incorporate natural and artificial light to create images that are bright and intriguing.

It can be a challenge to capture all your home’s impressive architectural details in a single photo, so it’s essential to work with a professional who has the proper skillset. Expert photographers will also have access to editing tools to make each image look its very best, and they know how to prevent strange glares or light artifacts that distract from the room.

Overall, a professional photographer can help your home show in the best possible light, allowing buyers to see just how appealing and attractive your home is.

Professionally photographed homes lead to better social media posts

The rising popularity of social media has changed the way that most people market their homes. Social media is an amazing marketing tool because it allows for more accessible contact and communication with prospective buyers. If someone sees your home on a platform like Facebook or Instagram, they can quickly comment on the post to ask questions or share the post with anyone they are connected with.

The challenge of posting your home to these platforms is figuring out how to best portray your property in a way that leads buyers to pause and engage with your listing. Professional photographs will give you a better chance to capture the attention of prospective buyers as they browse through their social media feeds.

Professionally photographed homes better show off the property’s best features

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If your Fishtown home has an upgraded kitchen, an expanded outdoor living area, or a spacious main suite with resort-style amenities everywhere, these could be your greatest selling points. Maybe your home features impressive skylights recessed within a soaring vaulted ceiling, or maybe there’s a multi-floor staircase that you want to show off. The best way to portray these unique characteristics online is to invest in professional photography to capture each of these spaces in the best possible light. With these features at the forefront of your listing, this will make it easier for buyers to envision all the most impressive parts of your home and imagine themselves living a life of luxury.

Professionally photographed homes don’t spend as much time on the market

Of course, you want to aim for a faster selling time rather than having to lower your list price repeatedly or struggling through ongoing negotiations. Professional photography can set the stage for a much quicker sale, as you’ll receive more interest from buyers, more foot traffic at open houses and tours, and more offers on your property.

The next steps in the selling process

When you’re ready to move forward in your real estate journey, it’s time to team up with an expert agent who promises exceptional service and dedication. Anthony D'Alicandro of Dwell Real Estate is a highly esteemed agent who understands the importance of showcasing everything that makes your home stand out. If you’re ready to sell, he’s ready to get results.

Anthony can guide you through the entire home selling process, leaning on his vast experience in the real estate industry. From Fishtown real estate to Logan Square and Ocean City, Anthony has made a name for himself in the area thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the local market and his passion for the clients he is proud to serve. Reach out to Anthony when you’re ready to put your home on the market and aim for the highest offers possible.

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