2 Key Factors That Will Affect The Housing Market In 2023

2 Key Factors That Will Affect The Housing Market In 2023

  • Anthony D'Alicandro
  • 01/4/23

The US housing market is a complex and ever-changing industry that can have an enormous impact on both new homebuyers and current homeowners alike. As we move into 2023, there are two key factors that may have a major influence over the upcoming year; inflation and mortgage rates. The combination of these two components can heavily influence the potential purchase or sale of a home in 2023, offering great opportunities or unforeseen obstacles depending on their contexts within the current economy. 

In conclusion, when looking ahead to 2023's housing market in Southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia Area, it is important to consider two key factors: inflation and mortgage rates. As with any long-term investment, it is worthwhile to weigh the risks and potential benefits before entering into any financial commitment. While inflation and mortgage rates remain unreliable given their variable nature, one may initiate potential outlooks by researching the future of each. It may prove beneficial to seek the advice of a financial expert who can better inform you in order to make knowledgeable decisions with your money, taking into account these two all-important factors. Above all, ensure that you are aren't putting yourself in an unfavorable position and get ready for what could be a wild ride as we enter 2023!

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