11 Warning Signs You’re Outgrowing Your Current Home

11 Warning Signs You’re Outgrowing Your Current Home

  • Anthony D'Alicandro
  • 12/19/22

Although homes are cherished for decades, sometimes homeowners run out of room. Read on to see if your life has evolved to the point of needing a new address.

Every room is overflowing

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Claustrophobia is the first sign that it’s time to look for a new home. Having too much stuff, even after decluttering, means your life has expanded and your home cannot support it. If your sweaters and business suits are becoming a squashed, crumpled mess, you’ll need a house that can accommodate a walk-in closet. A condominium might be perfect for the roaring twenties, but it’s time to trade up for a home with a garage as we grow. As life evolves, our living space needs to change.

Three’s a crowd

Everyone might be tripping over belongings, but it's time for more rooms if they’re tripping over their feet. Having a new baby, children growing up, or the cohabitation of the extended family are situations that call for more bedrooms and bathrooms.

Certain house styles are more spacious than others. Colonial homes have at least two floors, leaving plenty of breathing room for the whole family. Victorian homes have multiple stories, wrap-around porches, high ceilings, and a general sense of grandiosity. Other styles are varied, so look into the layout and square footage of homes for sale in Ventnor, NJ.

Children and pets long for a backyard

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Babies are satisfied with quaint townhomes and condominiums, but older children long to run free. A need for increased acreage could be the nudge to move out. A spacious exterior is a plus, whether it’s dogs, cats, or children tearing up the living room. Setting up a busy swingset near the picket fence or rushing stream will lead to years of childhood memories. Give the dog a refreshing splash pad to cool off from a round of fetch. Giving kids and pets the chance to grow up in a roomy backyard is part of the American Dream.

Bruised elbows aren’t a holiday tradition

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Certain branches of the family end up being holiday headquarters. If the annual guest list is ever-increasing, your original 6-setting dining table isn’t sufficient. The fine wine will be knocked over, the family heirlooms will get lost in the crowd, and chaos will ensue in the playroom. Regularly hosting large gatherings calls for browsing larger homes.

Your environment seems stale

When you moved into your new home years ago, the sun was brighter, the sidewalks looked whiter, and you had a bounce in your step. Now, you’re traveling to other communities to liven things up. This is another sign it’s time for a new home. The atmosphere affects your lifestyle, so it could be the country or city life that’s calling your name. If close to retirement, a homeowner might be yearning for the serene, tranquil setting of a rural town. A young professional full of energy might desire plenty of dining, shopping, and nightclub destinations. Either way, look deeply into the neighborhood of choice to determine if it’s a good fit.

The dream home has become a money pit

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It’s natural for any house to need occasional repair work. However, if there’s been a deluge of necessary renovations of late, it might be time to pass the wand to a flipper. Homebuyers who love fixer-uppers and do-it-yourself projects would be a target market. Your home should be a respite, not a source of exhaustion, so if there’s more damage than splendor, it’s time to upgrade. Before making such an impactful decision, contacting a local certified contractor to evaluate the home would be practical.

You’ve made it up the ladder

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Career changes and improvements might tempt a homeowner to seek greener pastures. A promotion, a new business acquisition, or a sudden return on investment brings a sharp uptick in revenue. Obtaining such capital broadens a professional’s range of home options. Successful executives covet exquisite mansions to represent their prosperity and would jump at the chance to impress their coworkers and supervisors by throwing glamorous dinner parties. Industry fortune is another reason to check out the market.

The housing market is prime for buyers

The constant fluctuations of the Ventnor real estate market can lead to buyer procrastination. You might have been ready to shift houses for years but recognized trends leaning toward sellers. Once home prices go down and there are many luxurious homes to choose from, start heading to open houses. You’ll want to be strategic in your home search. Calling a Ventnor realtor for assistance in navigating the market is a brilliant choice.

Your neighbors are all unfamiliar

If it looks like the close members of your village are all relocating, it’s best to build a new one. Your neighborhood friends will seek different homes after significant life events. Home sales could be ideal on your street, making it the perfect time to initiate the selling process. No matter what is causing the efflux and influx of new homeowners, it’s rough being isolated in your community, so take the opportunity to seek your next dream home.

Built-in amenities are more convenient

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The community park and local pool may have been exciting initially, but constant walking and driving can wear down the spirit. Some active homeowners may seek houses with inground pools or home gyms already installed. With remote employment roles growing exponentially, stepping away from the desk and exercising are becoming more appealing. For the ease of having the entire daily routine within your walls, be sure to check out stunning home listings that fit your preferences.

The long way home has become unbearable

If your work doesn’t happen in the home office, moving closer to your place of employment might be the right call. Driving long commutes to the office every day is turning out to be a needless burden. The cost of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, and lost time spent on the road are all reasons to shorten the commute. Settle on a daily trip length you can bear, and then view listings within that radius.

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